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Basic Principles of Applied psychology BUSFF028 Module
Business Accounting BUSFF026 Module
Business and Management in a Global Context BUSFF021 Module
Business Discourse BUSFF009 Module
Business Organisations BUSFF002 Module
Computer Basics and Operations Decisions BUSFF022 Module
Contemporary Global Issue BUSFF023 Module
Elementary Economics & Mathematical Skills BUSFF019 Module
Foundations of Management BUSFF007 Module
Fundamentals in Economics BUSFF027 Module
Fundamentals of Business Economics BUSFF005 Module
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting BUSFF006 Module
Fundamentals of Macroeconomics BUSFF010 Module
Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting BUSFF012 Module
Fundamentals of Markets BUSFF001 Module
Groups and Interpersonal Dynamics BUSFF017 Module
HRM and Marketing BUSFF015 Module
Introduction to Law BUSFF014 Module
Introduction to Social Science BUSFF024 Module
Introduction to Social Science BUSFF003 Module
Introductory Algebra BUSFF004 Module
Introductory Calculus BUSFF008 Module
Introductory Probability and Statistics BUSFF013 Module
Operations Management and Business Finance BUSFF018 Module
Person and Society BUSFF016 Module
Quantitative Methods for Business BUSFF025 Module
Social Sustainability BUSFF020 Module
The World Economy BUSFF011 Module

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